I founded the StressFreeDC project in order to reduce stress in Washington, DC. I teach basic skills that can help to reduce stress in my newsletter.


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I also teach my advanced stress resilience techniques to the most stressed populations at low or no cost.

Who is eligible?

Groups of war veterans, teachers, first responders, social services agencies and some nonprofits.

The very next day we had a busy morning, and after serving numerous clients and assisting them with intakes, Mario and I sat in the computer lab and did some parachute breathing together! It was extremely effective at helping me recenter and refocus before starting my next task.

The staff who participated were very grateful. They expressed afterward how much they appreciated the workshop and the agency focusing on “their self-care.” They are looking forward to the next workshop!
– Jessica Macleod, MSW
Director of Social Services, Thrive DC

I feel the most relaxed that I’ve felt in weeks — Thank you!
– Julia, war veteran

I was totally skeptical at the start of the class, but once the tremoring started to happen I was just amazed! Every different position I moved into altered how it felt and where I felt it. Totally worth it!
– Aaron, war veteran

I felt more relaxed very quickly, and I definitely felt looser. For some reason, I feel more confident.
– Mike, war veteran

Workshop Options: There are two primary options if you’re interested in a stress resilience workshop. Workshops are based on my book, “Hacking Your Nervous System for Less Stress.

Option 1: A lunch-and-learn workshop. Attendees will learn simple, powerful techniques to increase relaxation amid stress. They’ll learn about the nervous system, breathing techniques used by special forces, and simple mindfulness techniques to feel calm and focus the mind. The techniques from this workshop have been vetted by scientific research from the Defense Centers of Excellence and the National Academies of Science. This workshop is suitable for audiences of 30 people or more.

Option 2: A mind-body workshop. Attendees will learn the same skills I teach war veterans and foreign service staff who have returned from conflict zones. This class teaches a unique method for releasing tension from the fight-flight muscles of the body, including the psoas. Attendees will learn breathing techniques used by Special Forces, and simple mindfulness techniques to bring about relaxation. This class requires a carpeted surface or yoga mats for participants. This workshop can accommodate no more than 20 people.

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Let’s reduce stress in Washington, DC!

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